Emi’s First Dental Appointment!!

Emi fell on Saturday morning and the result was her front baby tooth being pushed up into her gum so, we scheduled her first dentist appointment at Southern Maine Pediatric Dentistry – I want to give these folks a major plug because they were incredible.  So, if you have a little one and are looking for a Dentist in the Southern Maine area, these are your people!

Southern Maine Pediatric Dentistry

Emi was a pro!  She sat while they took 3 x-rays and for her exam.  She said thank-you to everyone and smiled.  Did I mention my daughter is 2 years old?  She rocks!  The image in my mind is when Tom Hanks’ character in Cast Away makes fire for the first time

 So get the imaged firmly placed in your mind, me (in more clothes than Tom), dancing around my daughter yelling “Yesss, Look what I have created!!  I have made Emi! I, have made Emi!”  And yes, I have pounded my chest in my mind over her.  Needless to say, I was one proud Mama!  Emi’s tooth does not need to be pulled and we just need to watch it for a little while.  God was gracious enough to provided the finances we needed to pay for the appointment too.  Here are some pics of the visit to brighten your day!


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