The Gamble

QUICK SHOUT-OUT!  For those of you who missed the post from the other day, I am on day 4 off Lexapro.  I want to give you an idea of what withdrawal symptoms are quickly:  “Common responses to dose reduction or cessation include dizziness, electric shock-like sensations, sweating, nausea, insomnia, tremor, confusion, nightmares, and vertigo” (Wikipedia).  Having gone off of medications like this before, I have experienced all of these within 24 hours of even lowering a dose.  I stopped cold-turkey and Praise the Lord!  I have had NO withdrawal effects!!!

Alright, a month ago, I was driving out of the Walmart off of Route 111 in Biddeford, ME when I saw a young couple with signs asking for money.  Coming from Baltimore I am quite familiar with pan-handlers but, this day the Lord told me to stop and speak to this couple.  The young gentleman, Troy was holding a sign that said they were gathering funds to move out-of-town.  After asking a few questions, I realized I needed to get to know them better and have them meet Jeremy.  I invited them to church that Sunday and they didn’t show.  I left in the middle of church, searching for them only to return in a puddle of tears.  I haven’t had many people who I met once and wanted to spend time with so badly in my life!  I told Jeremy, if they would have come this morning, I know they would have given their lives to Christ.  I just felt in my soul we were meant to connect them with Jesus.  I spoke with Troy’s girlfriend Samantha, and she told me they were stuck in another town.  After that conversation I didn’t know if I would see them again.  While crying to the Lord, He spoke to me, “Do you trust me with their hearts Sarah?” “Yes Lord, I surrender this to You.”

Two days later, Samantha sent me a text asking if we could get together.  I happened to be cleaning our van out to sell it that day but, God provided a way for us to get together.  The conversation with God while cleaning the van went something like this:

Sarah – “God, are these people going to kidnap me and kill me”

God – (sound of crickets chirping)

Sarah – “God, I have Jeremy and our three girls to think about here…”

God – “And?”

Sarah – “Well, I don’t want to do anything irresponsible or stupid Lord”

God – “What if they are going to kill you and I want you to go tell them about me anyway?  Will you go?”

Sarah – “YES”

We met at a Wendy’s and they didn’t kill me.  However, we did have a 4 hour conversation and I got to see into their hearts a bit.  Troy is this really beautiful young man, he is 24 years old and has had the roughest past I have ever heard.  He was bagging weed in grade school and selling it with family as a teenager.  Before he knew it, he was shooting heroin and on the streets.  Before knowing Christ, God pulled him out of the lifestyle and got him clean.  Samantha, this darling daughter of the King is 19 years old, the moment I laid eyes on her I knew she was our nanny for the Kona DTS.  She destroyed her life with drugs and was snatched out of that life for God’s perfect plan too.  I drove home and fell in love with  God’s amazing-crazy plan once again!  Samantha wanted to go with me to our women’s night Inspire that Friday and I took her while the men stayed home for the evening with the girls.  That night during worship, Samantha asked Jesus into her heart – you should see this precious young lady worship God!  That Sunday at church, Troy responded to the Lord and gave his life to Christ, he now knows he carries the Glory of God in him.  I have NEVER seen anything like this in my life.  Over the past few weeks we have seen them grow spiritually and emotionally by leaps and bounds.

Well, last night, Troy proposed to Samantha and they are to be married and go with us to YWAM Kona!  With a committment for purity until they are wed; with God’s guidance, we are encouraging them along this difficult but blessed path with Christ.  God has answered so many prayers this week and we are so amazed He has given us a front seat to witness this miracle!  We ask for your prayers and financial support to make this possible.

The ring!!



Daring to Live on the Edge by YWAM founder Loren Cunnigham

“The Word of God says in 2 Chronicles 16:9 that, ‘The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.’

My philosophy professor at USC taught that it was impossible to prove a philosophical positive.  God’s Word says He is faithful and that the righteous will never go hungry, nor will their children ever have to beg for bread (Ps. 37:25). That is a philosophical positive that can be proven – lived out in dollars and cents.  Moreover, faith isn’t real unless it can be proven practically in the real, everyday world.  A remarkable experiment to prove the reality of faith was undertaken by a your Scotsman named George Patterson in the days after World War II.  It all started with three young men and an argument in a restaurant.  George contended that the Bible was the Word of God.  Every word was true.  His second friend was an agnostic, refusing to take anything so unscientific as authoritative.  His third friend was a nominal Christian, unsure that the Bible was the Word of God, or even which parts of it might be the Word of God.

The lively discussion continued awhile, drawing the curiosity of fellow diners.  Then George had a bold idea.  He declared to his two friends that he would prove the Bible scientifically.  He took his wallet out of his pocket.

‘I say there is a God, and this God has revealed Himself and His purposes for men, in and through His Word.’  He emptied the contents of his wallet on the tablecloth and counted.  There were two pounds and seven shillings.

George looked at his friends in the eyes and declared, ‘I will give away all the money I have in the bank.  Not only that, I will divest myself of my savings bonds.’ He told them he was due to leave soon for his medical studies, preparing himself for missionary service.

‘I will take with me only these two pounds and seven shillings plus my last paycheck.  While in London during the next months, I will have no resources nor financial support.  I will only have the Lord.  I make you a promise’ he said solemnly.  ‘I will not tell a single person, other than you two, what I intend to do so that this will be between the three of us and God.  I will not tell my parents not let it be known to any church or missionary body.  I won’t dress differently or alter my style of living so as to suggest by implication that I am short of money… anything I require will have to be supplied by God.  If I have to ask a single person for help, I promise you I will return home, and never again mention the sufficiency of God or my belief in Him.’

George Patterson thus entered into what he called “The Gamble” with “naked belief in the Omnipotent.”  During his gamble, as far as anyone knew, he was merely a student from a well-heeled family going to school on his own expense without any needs.

Yet immediately God began to send people to him with small amounts of money.  They would say, ‘God told me to give you this’ or ‘Take this as from the Lord.’  It always varied, but it was always there, although at times within mere minutes of when it was needed.

There was one exception” the money did not come for a necessary trip home.  Since he didn’t have enough for the entire fare from London, he went as far as he could, then walked for two days to reach Scotland. Patterson later said he though this was a test of his faith.  He believed God wanted to see how desperate he could get and still keep trusting Him.

It was more than the gamble of a student, eager to prove himself right to his friends.  George Patterson’s experience of trusting God while a student would prove very necessary when he went to Tibet.  At that time Tibet had no link with the postal union.  Conventional means of missions support would be useless.  He would also face Tibetan priests with impressive occultic powers, and then imprisonment and persecution at the had of the Communist Chinese as they took over the country.  His entire story was told in his book, God’s Fool.  But before he ever set foot in Tibet or China, he had proven the Bible to be real. He had gambled and won.”


One thought on “The Gamble

  1. Troy says:

    Thank you for taking the time to stop Sarah. You and Jeremy have made such a big difference in your lives. Y’all cared when we needed it the most.Thanks to the lord and y’alls trust in him. Thank y’all.


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