Missions work: Southern Maine Style

Hey everyone!  After my last blog I hope you are all still with us!!  We were really blessed to do some “missions work” here in Southern Maine the last couple of days.  Other than our time mentoring Samantha and Troy, we were able to get out and share God’s love in the community as well.  Jeremy and I felt God calling us to go down to Old Port in Portland on St. Patrick’s Day to do some ministry (not really knowing what that meant).  We had planned on leaving around 5 or 6pm but, the excitement of the proposal (Troy and Samantha) held us up and we didn’t make it until about 10pm.  For folks unfamiliar to the area, Old Port is where the partying and bars are in Portland.  These are also Jeremy’s old stomping grounds.  Jeremy has told me about the drinking and fighting he participated in there and we were excited to go back but, this time to share the Gospel.  At first we just drove around praying and then we eventually got out.  We met a homeless gentleman named Kalib who was so cold he could barely speak and who’s mind was obviously chemically altered.  We were able to give him one of our cards along with a coat, some gloves, and a prayer.  We continued to walk and strike up conversations with some very fun fellows along our walk.  We didn’t talk about the Bible or anything, just brought God’s presence on the scene, loved some folks, and handed out our cards.  It was a real blessing.

Earlier that day, while driving home from church I handed a card to a gentleman panhandling in Biddeford not really thinking much would come of it.  Well, today we received a call from Matt that he and his pregnant girlfriend Kaitlin were stranded in the storm and needed a place to stay.  We told them we would pick them up and drop them at a shelter.  This lead to Troy going on his first official “mission” for the Lord!  After prayer we decided that I should go because there was a girl involved and Troy should go because he knows the in’s and out’s of the homeless system and has street smarts I don’t have.  We picked them up and chatted with them, gave them some clothes to stay warm and food.  Troy and I both knew getting them to a shelter wasn’t really the purpose God had for this today.  I think they may have wanted to come back to the house with us (which we knew wouldn’t be smart) and just didn’t feel a good vibe but, were happy to bless them anyway.  The amazing thing that came out of this experience was somewhat unexpected.

We took Matt to a shelter in Portland, ME called the Preble Street Resource Center – a place Troy has frequented quite a bit.  When we walked in, I was getting Matt settled and Troy began to walk around and talk with some of the guys there.  Even though, just two months ago he was hanging out with them daily, they didn’t even recognize him.  Partly perhaps because of their own addiction, but also because he looks so different.  As I watched him leaning over, shaking hands, and talking with these gentlemen, I was overwhelmed.  This weekend Troy mentioned he felt lead into ministry, maybe even being a pastor and today I saw it.  I witnessed THE MIRACLE.  Amazing.

As Troy and I drove home discussing the insights from the experience, I asked him how he felt standing in Preble Street today. He responded, telling me that he knew he didn’t belong in there.  He realized that God really has changed him and he isn’t going back to that life.  I talked to him about the possibility of that kind of ministry and he said he felt it too.  Watch out Devil, God has got a hold of an amazing man with street smarts!  When he hones his Holy Spirit “skills”, he will be unstoppable for Christ!!

This has been the most unexpected joy in our lives over the last month.  We are able to mentor and love this couple who are so amazing!  We get to pray for them and have them bless us with their prayers.  God is building a very different and beautiful family out of us.  Praise Him!



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