The house is on FIRE!!

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We have had a number of people come and speak in our classroom over the last week or so and God has used each one to dig something out of me as a believer.  From Dean Sherman (amazing) to Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM), God is pounding on my chest and drawing something out of me in order to do His Work.  I have mentioned earlier that we are all called to share the Good News of Jesus to the world in one capacity or another but, I am here, in tears, asking you to read this and pray over what is written.  I am struggling to know how to put this into words.  Lord, give me Your heart and Your words.

Some of you may know how God has pulled me into the “missionary game” but, for those who don’t I will give a brief history.  I was raised in a Christian home, both of my parents are born-again believers who love Jesus so much.  My home wasn’t perfect but both of my folks gave me unique gifts. My mother has an incredible gift of leadership, intelligence, curiosity and compassion. My father is a man of very strong conviction who lead our family with incredible mercy and patience.  Some of my earliest memories are of my mom (who was stay-at-home at the time) giving sweet iced tea to our garbage men every week during the summer to keep them cool.  My father taught me to always stand up for the weaker person and defend them.  So it would be no surprised that in fourth grade, when I learned of the poverty in Africa for the first time, I came home and told my Mom that I was going to be a missionary there!  They needed help so, I will go and help them – pretty simple.  As my childhood went on, I would do things like, give up my Christmas presents and use the money to buy gifts for other kids.  I don’t say this to puff myself up, this is just something God put in my heart, not anything I did.  My parents were really supportive of this gifting in my life and is the reason why I am in missionary training right now.

I have been reading the news online while I am here and seeing the devastation that has hit my nation and more specifically, in New England (where Jeremy is from).  It has been interesting to learn that other nations are actually afraid of living in the US because of the violence.  Television shows like “Criminal Minds” have made all kinds of vile, depraved acts seemingly commonplace as believing Christians sit and watch these things week after week.  Our world is just crying out!  It is just dying to know a Savior.  We as Christians are called to live a God-life for the world to see.  We are set apart (we should seem different) to give hope to a broken world.

In Joshua Chapter 2 we are introduced to a woman named Rahab, a prostitute in the pagan Caananite community of Jericho.  I will give a brief synopsis:  Joshua is tasked with claiming the promised land for the Jews and Jericho is in the middle of that path.  God made it clear, “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.” and so they would have to take the city of Jericho.  Joshua sends two spies into the city and they go to Rahab’s home.  She most likely owned the city Tavern which also served as her home; a suitable place for the spies to find out the “gossip” in the city.  Rahab hid the spies from the king of Jericho and helped them escape after professing her faith in the Lord; “the Lord your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below”.  Rahab asked the spies to spare her family when the Jewish army comes back to take the city and they agreed with a few conditions: Rahab was given a scarlet cord that had to be hung out of her window to indicate that everyone in that house would be spared, and Rahab was given the commission to gather her family into her house before the army returned.

I want to pause here and zoom in on this particular moment.  I have never known anyone personally that has lived in this situation where there is a foreign nation invading and your very life is in the balance.  Rahab knew something that no one else did, this foreigner was the Almighty God, coming to claim the land that belonged to Him and His people.  So, I put myself in her position and say, what would I do.  Who would I invite into my home?  Picture it.  You are walking through the streets of your hometown or even the city you live in now.  Imagine the familiar faces as you walk slowly with the knowledge that everyone outside of your home will parish.  Can you see their faces?  Your neighbors, teachers, friends, cousins, and children.  For a moment, just look into their eyes.  You would fill that house, huh?  How could you NOT tell them to come over and stay until the battle was over?  If you didn’t tell them, you would be giving them over to death.

This is what I have to offer.  I am a “Rahab”.  I lived my life outside of obedience for many years until I recognized the foreigner at my door and knew He was the one and only God.  I confessed my sin to Him, acknowledged that His is the only Way, and gave my life to His purpose.  Now, I am trying to get as many people into the house as possible.  I want that place to be PACKED!!  I am protected by the scarlet cord called the Blood of Christ and I want more to have that same covering.

Someone said this week that the church is focused on the wrong things: how it looks, how popular the pastor is, etc.. they said “it is like rearranging the furniture in a house that is on fire”.  I want to ask you, are you pulling people out of the fire or just rearranging the furniture while it is burnt to the ground?  Our world is in severe trouble and needs a savior – there is only one and His name is Jesus Christ.  Our family has been called to pull people from those burning houses and into the home of the Lord.  We are being equipped and sent out to save lives.  We NEED the finances to go.  I know there are people reading this that may close up this browser and never read this again because of what I am about to say but, I must be obedient to the Lord on this.  I am asking that you would donate to what God is doing here. I know there is at least one person reading this, who is feeling lead by God’s Holy Spirit to give and I want to encourage you to listen to Him.  This isn’t about guilt or an emotional high, this is about obedience.  We need $19,200 by the end of May 2nd or we are done with school here ($2133/ day, $88/ hour).  $6,700 of that is tuition and then we need an initial payment of $2500 for each of us for our outreach in the Philippines.  This is God’s calling on our family and we ask that you would pray and give according to God’s Will.  You can call University of the Nations, Donor Processing at (808) 326-4428 or use any of the links on our financial support page.

Let’s pray:

Father God,  we want to be like You.  You are the perfect Father who loves His children so much.  You love us beyond our understanding.  You want what is best and excellent for every human on the earth and we ask that you would first bring that to our homes.  Jesus, you wept when Lazarus died so we know Your heart is for us.  We know you want your people to be whole.  We want you to break our hearts for what breaks Yours, O Lord.  We relinquish our freedom, our children, our money, our comfort and our reputation for Your Will.  Your Kingdom come Lord.



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