The Jamaican Family’s Story

Bullock Family

Hi everyone we are Kevon and Jadine Bullock from Jamaica.  We have two girls Jada and Joanna (7 years and 1 year respectively).  A few months ago we were led to pursue a Discipleship Training School.  We searched for one and found the Family DTS in Kona Hawaii which suited us perfectly.  At the time, we were serving as Mission Builders at the Youth with a Mission base in Manchester Jamaica.  We felt led to do a Family DTS because we were serving as a family and really believed God had an amazing call upon our children.  We wanted to make sure we were raising them after God’s heart.

The journey to get to Hawaii has been one of Faith and Tremendous breakthrough.  It started out with God allowing us to get accepted for the DTS without paying the application fee of $100 US.  We were not working and so had no money to pay this but God caused it to happen.  Jadine and the girls were in need of passports to get here and God allowed one of our friends (we did not even ask her) to give us enough money for the passports and travelling to and from the passport office.  Following that, we were in need of US visas.  We prayed earnestly for this and, as the time was short, we asked God for a speedy process.  Ten days before the school started, a fellow missionary in Jamaica allowed us to use her credit card to pay for four visas – a total $640 US.   God caused us to receive enough money to pay her back.  We got our visa appointment for the very day we were to arrive for school – Thursday April 4, 2013.  We went to our interview praying for God’s favor. We received the visa that day, and miraculously was allowed to pick them up the following day, Friday April 5, 2013 – this would have normally taken five days.  The following day, Saturday April 6, 2013, we decided to leave our home (3 hrs from the airport) and move closer to the airport (45 min away).  At this time we did not know where we would have gotten the plane tickets.  We still had no money at all.  We kept on praying and trusting God.  The families that were already in Hawaii for the Family DTS were also praying for us among others.  Three days later, Tuesday April 9, 2013, we received a call from our school leader saying that there was a potential donor for our plane tickets.  We sent our passport Information to him and within half an hour we were printing our travel itinerary.  The following morning, Wednesday April 10, 2013, we were on a flight form Montego Bay Jamaica heading to Kona Hawaii leaving the island for the first time.  God is AMAZING!!!

Our vision as a family is to live God’s dream of taking the gospel to the nations.  We want to be a light to our nation and other nations of the world by restoring broken families.  God has called us to disciple the younger generation and send these young disciples into the nations with God’s word.

We are currently in need of $5480 US for our lecture phase due IMMEDIATELY.  Please ask God if he would have you support us financially or in prayer.

You can check out our video 


Author – Jadine and Kevon Bullock


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