Letter to our supporters

Hello Family,

I know everyone is super busy but, please take the time to read this whole thing:
We had a deadline last week when all of our outreach funds were due and unfortunately, we did not make that deadline.  We are fortunate that our school leaders are giving us literally until the very last minute to get our funds in.  We have enough for our plane tickets to the Philippines and that is it.  So, we are going to purchase our tickets in faith.  Our passports arrived last week and our leadership is applying for Visas this week.  So, we have until June 11th to have all donations in for our outreach to the Philippines.  We need $7400 to cover the rest of our fees.  We have been asking for money for months and I am sure for some of you, this is getting old (it is getting old for us too) but, we really need your support.  
I need to give you a brief understanding of the timing here at University of the Nations: If you donate directly to us via paypal or gofundme.com, we receive that money with a percentage taken out and it takes about 3 days for it to “land” in our bank account before being able to pay the school.  If you donate directly to the school, it takes about 2-3 days for that to be processed – they don’t have an automated system yet (one of the reasons Jeremy needs to stay here and help develop stuff like that).  So, when you do donate, please send us an email letting us know when and how much.  That email will be enough proof for our school leadership to give us the go ahead to go on our outreach.
Why is this so important?  Our family has given up everything to come here and receive our missionary training because we believe telling people about Jesus is that important.  We hope, that you know that people need to know who Jesus is for salvation, and that you feel that is important enough to donate (even just $5).  This particular outreach is important so we can graduate from our training and be staff with Youth With a Mission.
What will happen if we don’t get the money for the outreach? We will have until June 30th to pack our things and find a place to live.  That is 26 days from now.  We have full faith that God will take care of us, and we will be in the Philippines serving people on that day!
How can you donate?  There are many ways to donate but what we recommend is directly to the school.  If you click on our link here: https://thelozierfamily.wordpress.com/financial-support/
Scroll down the page to option 2 – online payment to YWAM
or option 5 – call directly and pay over the phone
The other great way is our Thirty-One party now through June 11th
The sale is open now until June 11th so get on the website and order before the sale closes! Our representative Samantha Gerwig is giving us her full commission off of whatever is sold towards our outreach to the Philippines and we are so blessed to have this opportunity! All you need to do is click here: http://www.mythirtyone.com/317843

Click on the MY Parties Tab at the top
Click Shop Now to the far right of my name (Sarah Lozier)
Select direct shipping for whatever you order and it will come directly to your door. 


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