An apology plus new opportunities!

Hello all!  Not sure how many folks are still out there reading but, I wanted to apologize for being away so long.  I didn’t realize how many people were being encouraged by our journey and that we would be missed.  I fell into that lie.  You know? The one where being “just” a stay-at-home wife and mommy just isn’t interesting enough for a blog? Yep, that’s the one!  I must admit that the only thing that makes me extraordinary is what Christ is inside of me so I can’t take credit.  However, I do hear all of the time, “How do you do it?!”.  There are days when I pray every 3 seconds for patience, grace, and gentleness.  We do it all by depending on Jesus.  Our last post was supposed to be the beginning of a 2 part post and well… So, I will just take the time to give a quick update and hopefully, God-willing, we will write more this weekend!  Let me get the administrative “stuff” out of the way. Jeremy did get a job. Praise Jesus!  After 3 babies (Lillian, Leo & Robert) and almost two years of waiting, Jeremy began working with a company based in Maryland with a wonderful boss.  We live in Limerick, Maine and he works from home.  Can you even believe it?  The kids had Jeremy at home every day for almost two years and it would have been so sad for all of them if he had to leave every day.  Instead, God provided a job that challenges him and he can get kisses and hugs whenever he comes up from the basement to grab his coffee!  Shortly after Jeremy started his new job, we felt God’s calling to go check out a little church in Limerick, Maine.  You know how they said “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” (John 1:46). Well, Limerick is a very small town of every-day hard-working folks (salt of the Earth folk) and one could ask the same question about small Limerick, Maine.  Something amazing is here!  The presence of the Living God in Maine Life Gate Church.  We have been wrapped up in love here with our church family.  We are supported in our marriage and are making life-long friends.  Another incredible blessing!  Jeremy began playing the Djembe drum at church and is exploring getting a drum set!  The children are healthy and happy.  There are days where it is me against the gang but, they are learning how to give me their will more regularly.  Emilia will be four in February and she loves to dance and sing.  Victoria will be three in January and has an amazing servant’s heart.  Lillian will be two next week and is so joyful and easy-going.  Leo will be one next week, he is cruising and so so strong with an appetite to match! Robert will be one next week, he zooms in his walker and laughs at everything.  Just today he said light “I-E-ttttt”!  I am trying to convince Jeremy to get a puppy and maybe some chickens!  Crazy right?!  Over the last few months we had some potential ministry opportunities in our home and even a house guest for a little over a month.  We are here just to do whatever God asks of us and put our trust in Him.  We know there is more to come and are preparing as we can.  The Lord called us to invest our finances in the kingdom in a few ways, tithing, giving gifts, giving time, and a personal business for me!  This was a pretty big surprise being a stay-at-home mom with so much to do every day.  We know God wants to use what we have to invest even more into His Kingdom so I am now an Independent Presenter for Younique.  Don’t worry this blog won’t become a place where I put my personal business… I will put a tab at the top if you are interested just check it out.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will get to spend time with Jeremy’s family up here in Maine.  Please pray for everyone who is missing their families this year including the military and also my family in Maryland who are patiently waiting for us to visit.  Love you all and will post some new family pictures this weekend.


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