Love Letter

I have been spending time looking at the pine trees through my window and how the sunlight is streaming in through the slanted window above our bed.  We have this beautiful bed frame our friends gave us months ago.  This is the first time we’ve had a headboard and footboard.  Jeremy and I have moved around quite a bit with our little ones over the last five years.  When you move frequently, you learn to live “light”.  We sold everything we owned a few years ago to do DTS and so almost everything we have has been donated.  I could go on a while with the stories of gifts people have given us and treasures we had given away and somehow, God has given them back.  I have been saying for months that I need to finally hang those family pictures we had taken back in the fall.  I guess somewhere in my heart I know we won’t be anywhere long enough to hang photos.  It was September when we moved into our home in Limerick, Maine.  We have always had discussions about buying a home and God continues to direct us to rent.  Our new church family came out and moved everything in one trip.  Shortly after our move, I went through a women’s study at Maine Life Gate Church (our church) that changed my home in ways I didn’t expect.  I found friendships with women that are so special.  I have one friend from college who has stuck by me in all of my difficulties (that is putting it lightly).  My ladies from church are the first friends in a long time who have been fiercely loyal, fun, and have loved me to pieces.  Because of them, I convinced myself that we would buy land and build here in Maine.  I could see my kids growing up alongside theirs, sipping tea on our porch together and endless summers playing in the pond.  I wanted to stay forever.

My family lives in Maryland (most of them – a few defected to PA).  Leaving Maryland was difficult but, it felt like I was walking away from a mess that I had been making for part of a lifetime.  I felt a bit of relief when we crossed into Maine.  It wasn’t that I didn’t love my Maryland friends and family but, I was broken.  Not from anything done to me at that time but, my understanding was broken.  So, this time in Maine has been an incredible time of healing. Jeremy’s parents gave us a safe place to get our lives together and we have had wonderful family dinners with his sister and family.  Imagine six adults and eight kids crammed into a tiny living room with mix-matched tables and chairs – it is so fun!

Since moving to Limerick, I have learned how to joyfully submit to Jeremy (Ephesians 5:22-24); the tangible meaning of the cross (I can’t add anything to it!), how to receive correction; freedom from being a victim (in my own mind); how to listen to and wait on God; how to stand (no longer a runner) and to worship Him all of the time.  I have taken a hold of my role as a mother in a new way as well.  Ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit with my children daily. Words cannot fully express how I have grown in this season at Maine Life Gate or how grateful I am for everyone there.

At the end of August we will be moving back to Maryland.  Our time in Maryland will give me a chance to rediscover relationships that have been healed as a brand new woman.  This will also be a time for Jeremy to dig into his work more and for me to grow my Younique business.  Ultimately, God has called us to be missionaries and we will move and then probably move again.  In the past, I have been so focused on myself that I haven’t taken the time to look around and see what I am having to leave.  I can see now what I am giving up to do what God asks of me.  I don’t even know how to say this but, if you are ever near Limerick, Maine, you have to come meet the people at Maine Life Gate Church.  They will love you so much, you will never want to leave.

– Sarah


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