The Lozier Family Newsletter

Hey ya’ll!  Here is our family newsletter.  In it, we share what this YWAM DTS thing is that we have been talking about and Jeremy shares a bit of his heart.  A few of you have hard copies of these winging their way to your mailboxes.  If you want to receive future copies by mail, let us know.  Jeremy has been working tirelessly to find a job and been working side jobs until something else comes through.  In the process, he has acquired some lovely poison ivy all over his body.  In the midst of all of this, God is strengthening our faith and speaking His love to our hearts.  We ask that you would continue to pray over our family to hear clearly, at all times, the voice of God.  We would love to hear your feedback so please contact us here on the blog or any of avenues listed at the end of the newsletter.

PS – a huge praise report!  3 years ago when we left for YWAM, we had over $31,000 in debt.  Now, we are at a fraction of that amount – the newsletter has more details!!


Jeremy, Sarah, Emilia, Victoria, Lillian, Leo and Robert

Click on this link to read:      lozierfamilynewsletter72016 (1)


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