Irish Quintuplets

We have three daughters that are two, one, and two months. As you can imagine there are so many stories to share. Currently, Emi is two years old and saying things like “Avit”, “Don’t want to”, but the best is “Wub youuu”.  Vic is our one year old and she is our wild woman class clown.  She love to be thrown in the air, to wrestle, anything that is rough play.  Her favorite word right now is “Buck-a!”, if you can figure out what it means, please let us know!  Lil’ is our tiny-pants of the group.  Huge blue eyes and a sweet demeanor with a sweet smile to match.  We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s blessings in our lives.

Update on the Family, Saturday, May 11th 2013

We are headed into week 5 here in Kona, Hawaii and the girls have grown a ton!!  Emilia is getting ready to start potty training and has not had her “lovey” for 4 weeks.  She is becoming such a beautiful little girl, she hardly has to suck her thumb to fall asleep these days!!  Victoria is walking everywhere and beginning to say words like, thank you, please and sister.  She has really grown in her love for Lillian and will even sit next to her to calm her down when she is waiting for her bottle.  Lillian is 5 months old and growing so fast!  She has a very long torso and long legs to match.  She has been staying with us in class and sometimes talks so much we thing she might be trying to teach!  Here are some pictures of all of us with some silly stuff thrown in!

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Update on the family, Friday, March 21st, 2014

We now have five kiddos!  Our twin boys are almost 4 months old and such a blessing!  The boys were also born less than a year after our youngest girl so we now have Irish Quintuplets I guess!  Here are some cute pictures of the family.

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Update on Monday June 29th 2015

Hey there everyone!  I haven’t updated in quite a while and everyone has grown so much since these last pics were posted.  We are preparing for a move down to Maryland to spend some time with my (Sarah’s) folks.

Update on Wednesday August 5th 2015

I (Sarah) am just sitting here enjoying my kiddos and thought about our wonderful readers! I think you all need some of our cuteness!


Tuesday June 21st 2016

So I just realized it has been a year since the last family update!! The kids are 5, 4, 3, 2 and 2 years old! Emilia will start kindergarten homeschooling in September and Victoria will be doing preschool at home as well. Lillian, Leo and Robert have been growing like weeds over the last few months as well. God has given us a wonderful church home here in Frederick, Maryland where I (Sarah) serve as one of the youth leaders and Jeremy serves in our First Impressions ministry. We also jump in and serve whenever there is opportunity. Back in February, Jeremy’s work contract ended early due to financial reasons with that company. He has been looking for work and praying over God’s call for our family into missions. This has been a time of spiritual hype growth for our family! It has been amazing to trust in the Lord and grow in our understanding of His character. Also, I have been able to reconnect with family and old friends during this season. Just last night, I spend time with cousins (and their children) that I haven’t seen in many years and next month I will see family on my Dad’s side who have never even met my husband or children. I am watching as our Abba is fulfilling every promise He has given us for this season! It is truly incredible!! I encourage you to join us in prayer over the next season to come. Where God wants us and how He wants to pursue the fulfillment of His calling on our lives! Now, some pictures!!



3 thoughts on “Irish Quintuplets

  1. Revive and Reset! says:

    All I can say is that your family is a blessing. Having so many little ones and keeping it together is such a challenge. BUT!! I know that you and Jeremy have God’s favor and the Holy Spirit’s help through all of this. I admire your courage, your patience, your sweetness and everything about you. You are a blessing…Sara, Jeremy and the Quints!

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