Morogoro Tanzania DTS- YWAM Training


Kihona Site – 3 acres of farmland, schools, and hosts a DTS in September.

YWAM Morogoro DTS will run mid-September through mid-February, 3 months lecture phase and 2 months of outreach. The lecture curriculum includes:


How to study the Bible
Christlikeness – Hear and do
Friendship with God
Father heart of God and His character
Spiritual Warfare
The Fear of the Lord
Sin and Redemption
Walking in the Spirit of God
God’s Call is to All (every age, every person into every nation)
History of Missions
Leadership Principles

Daily Living:

Our family will domicile together on base. Running water and electricity is not guaranteed. Cold bucket baths are most likely. We will need anti-malaria medication and to sleep under mosquito nets at night. We will cook on wood stoves in an open kitchen.


Groceries come from the local market.

Base Ministries

Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Schools
English language school
Vocational Training
Street Kids Bible Study
College Student meeting
African Drums Ministry
Supporting Local Churches
Clothing and caring for the poor


Ministry to local tribes.

School Costs:

Airfare to Tanzania ~ $7000
Jeremy and Sarah School fees (include food and housing for the family): $1650
Kids Pre-school and Primary School Fees (including uniforms): $744.50
Passports: $1010 (PAID)
Immunizations ~ $2200 (PAID)
Total amount ~ $13,904.50
This is achievable with God!!


Base school where our children will attend.