“What I did for Love”

I want to take a moment and apologize for taking so long to write to everyone and give an update on our family.  First things first, for those who have not received an email or seen an update on our Facebook page, we did NOT receive the rest of the funding we needed to complete … Continue reading “What I did for Love”


The house is on FIRE!!

We have had a number of people come and speak in our classroom over the last week or so and God has used each one to dig something out of me as a believer.  From Dean Sherman (amazing) to Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM), God is pounding on my chest and drawing something out of … Continue reading The house is on FIRE!!

My Mount Sinai

UPDATE: So much has happened since our last post and we apologize for the delay.  We left Maine last Thursday afternoon for Maryland to visit my folks before heading to Kona.  We are excited to announce that we have our plane tickets thanks to your generous donations!  Also, since our last post we learned that … Continue reading My Mount Sinai