The Call

She was a girl; He was an engineer.

Sarah first received the call to missions at just 7 years old through a vision but it wasn’t until years later that she realized what she saw. Sitting in her geography class, she saw the image from her vision! She asked her teacher where the photo was from and her teacher responded “Africa!”. Sarah went home and announced that, one day, she would be a missionary to Africa. Jeremy, on the other hand, was 39 years old and working as a Software Engineer in Annapolis, Maryland when God turned his world upside down. He had once said, “I am an engineer and it will take an act of God to change that”. Tow years after Sarah and Jeremy got married and two babies later, as they were walking around the mall, Jeremy mentioned that he was no longer satisfied just being an engineer. He longed for something more and began to ask the Lord what he was to do. Through a number of visions and confirmations they know their family was called to be missionaries to East Africa, specifically the United Republic of Tanzania. God lead them to YWAM Kona to complete the lecture portion of training there. Over the last five years since God called the Lozier Family to Tanzania, the desire to go and serve has only grown as their relationship with God has deepened. All seven of them are excited to embark on this new journey!